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Lee Daniels Entertainment Creative Workshop!

So you know how REPRESENT is all about expanding the talent pipeline in entertainment-- making it more accessible and inclusive for people everywhere, from all different backgrounds and walks of life?

Well, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Lee Daniels Entertainment to host the first ever Lee Daniels Entertainment Creative Workshop in LA, September 25-28th. We’re selecting three aspiring content creatives to come to Los Angeles for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop your skills, learn from top talent and industry executives, and position yourself for success in entertainment. Winners will also get to visit the set of a Lee Daniels Entertainment production. We'll take care of your airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation around Los Angeles, meals, and more.


I reside in Sacramento CA I need a mentorship in the Industry. This is my purpose. Choose me please.


At 64 She READY!


There are rarely opportunities like this that present themselves for some us who had to scrap and claw for everything we've earned. And likely so, that's the way of the world to those without much privilege. But we do have a few things going for us. Faith, hardworking, belief in one's self, integrity. These are all things that don't cost money but, are yet so valuable in life. Thank God for you guys opening the doors so we can display our priceless gifts to the world. ~Samuel S. Franklin (LDE Creative Workshop candidate)


This is the amazing opportunity I been looking for. Jesus show favor!

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