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Unique opportunities  to receive guidance from experienced entertainment industry professionals.

Mentor Sessions

Successful people didn’t reach the top of their game by going it alone; they got there with the help of mentors along the way. Mentorship, as with all represent resources, is always free. Registration is required.

Current Opportunities

More coming soon!

Mentor in Place Series

Mentor in Place is a videoconference-based group mentorship program. This series will cover a variety of topics to help aspiring creatives build careers and launch projects. We will have several formats with different styles and capacities, ranging from intimate group discussions to large seminars.


Every one to two weeks we will announce a new session. Participation is limited. Larger sessions will be first come first served. Smaller sessions will require an application and attendees will be selected based on criteria outlined in the application.


Topics include:

  • Art and activism

  • Comedy writing

  • Working with agents

  • Working with producers

  • Marketing your independent project

  • & more to be announced

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