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represent is an inclusive community that is devoted to bringing new creative perspectives to the screen.

What is represent?

We provide barrier-free professional development resources and a support system designed to help people from all backgrounds find success in entertainment, media, advertising, and production.

What are we doing?

Great stories and great talent can be found in every culture and every community, but our screens do not reflect that reality. The pipeline to careers in entertainment and media is narrow and difficult to access. Represent is expanding that pipeline by offering free resources, mentorship, and training, as well as access to professional gigs and opportunities to pitch projects.


We work with local arts organizations, community organizations, and schools, to find creative talent and resources around the country and the world. We partner with studios, brands, production companies, and agencies to create opportunities and connect our members with them. Expanding the pipeline gives more people creative opportunity, and gives our industry partners access to the diverse stories they’re looking for. It’s a win for everyone.

What do we offer?

We offer access, education, mentorship, and support. We are uniquely positioned to connect people with resources and opportunities usually only found inside of the entertainment, media, and advertising industries.

Through Represent, you’ll find:

  • a supportive, inspiring, and entertaining network of diverse and motivated creatives,

  • resources to hone your craft, learn new skills, and understand the industry,

  • feedback and mentorship from experienced professionals,

  • opportunities to pitch ideas, scripts, and projects,

  • production and post-production gigs,

  • opportunities to collaborate,

  • events and meetups.

Who should join?

Writers, filmmakers, and others with production skills (including pre- and post-) that want to bring stories to life on screen. We work with experienced and aspiring professionals. We seek individuals that are passionate, talented, and a driven to grow as a creative and as a human being, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much money they have.


Join us if... have had success and want to pass it along to others; can’t afford to go to film school, take an unpaid internship, or move to a new city; want to hone your craft and meet new people; thought there was no place in Hollywood for someone like you; want to bring more resources and opportunities into your community; love to make videos but don’t have access to the equipment; have a manuscript that you think would make a great movie; know your career is being held back by something other than your talent; were told that you’d never make it; want to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Why are we doing this?

We want great content.

We want to see the world through new eyes. We want to connect over our sameness while learning from our differences. We want to laugh hysterically at things we didn't expect to relate to. We want to escape into fantasy that reminds us that we’re powerful when reality makes us feel powerless. We want to experience the love of one person for another, in every form that it takes. We want to cry because we feel the hope, joy, anger, and sorrow of someone whose life looks nothing like ours. And someone whose life looks a lot like ours. 


We want to see ourselves. We want to see you. We want to hear and be heard. We want to live in a world where people understand each other a little bit better. 

We are in a position to make it happen, with your help. What are you here to represent?

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