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Paid Projects

REPRESENT establishes partnerships with brands, studios, and production companies that are interested in making content with creatives that can bring new perspectives.

REPRESENT's paid projects are professional opportunities in entertainment, media, and branded content. These projects pay fair market rates and are intended to create career access points for people outside of the existing industry talent pool. The projects come in all shapes and sizes and the gigs we offer will vary depending on the size of the project and REPRESENT’S role in it. We will have roles across many creative disciplines, from entry level to experienced. As we continue to roll out this program, the listings will grow. Check back often!

Current Opportunities




Why are you offering these jobs and not others?

The paid gigs we offer for a particular project will depend on the scope of the project and our role in it. We will sometimes run a project from ideation through post-production, and staff every position. In many cases, we will work with a partner on a specific aspect of a project and staff only those roles. In others, we will only offer creative input and ideas.

The listings don't fit my skills or experience level. Will there be an opportunity for me?

We hope to have opportunities relevant to most of our members. Make sure to keep your profile updated so that we know what you're looking for.

What do I need to do to apply?

Every paid gig has different application requirements. Refer to the opportunity listing for details.

Can I find an opportunity if I don't live in a production hub?

Most of the paid gigs we offer will be entirely remote and can be completed from any location. If a gig is location-dependent, we will make that clear in the listing.

I've already worked on REPRESENT paid project. Can I apply to another one?

Absolutely! There is no limit on the number of gigs you can do with us. 

How long will the selection process take?

This depends entirely on the opportunity. We will explain the selection timeline in the listing.


What will be in the brief?

The brief will provide all of the requirements for the project, as well as guidance on what we are looking for in submissions and what the project is intended to accomplish. When possible, we will provide reference materials.


What if I have an idea that doesn’t fit the brief?

The brief that we provide is informed by the strategy and goals behind a particular project and the requirements laid out in the brief are there for a reason. Generally, we will not accept concepts if they clearly disregard the brief. That said, sometimes an amazing idea that doesn’t quite fit can bring something new and unexpected to a project. If you have off-brief an idea that you feel strongly about, talk to us about it. You’ll have an opportunity to bring it up on our work-in-progress review call, or you can email us and describe what you’re thinking.

Can I submit more than the number of ideas requested?

You are welcome to submit more ideas if you would like to, but more ideas will not result in additional pay.  

What if I can’t make the deadline?

Due to the tight schedules on many projects, we are often unable to accept concepts after the final submission deadline. If something comes up that will prevent you from meeting the deadline, please let us know as soon as you are able and we will let you know if we will be able to accept it. We will do our best to accommodate extenuating circumstances.

My idea was selected! Now what?

That depends on the gig. If the gig is ideation only, then you are all done. If the gig includes scripting, apprenticeship, or production responsibilities, your coordinator will follow up with next steps.

My idea wasn't selected. What's the deal?

We don't always have a great answer for this question, but we will do our best to provide you with helpful feedback. Often the answer is simply that we or our partners connected with a different idea more.

Who owns the rights to my idea?

Most of our ideation gigs will be work-for-hire, meaning the rights to the ideas generated will go to our production partner.

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